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Causes of Environmental Problems Essay Example

Reasons for Environmental Problems Paper The Earth is our home and where we live. Be that as it may, these years, an ever increasing number of issues are coming to demolish our mom land, for example, political components, wars, and ecological issues. The ecological issues, for example, overpopulation, utilization of petroleum derivatives or atomic vitality and deforestation are getting increasingly dismal, and hurtful to the earth. The air contamination and water contamination has clearly gotten two of the most major issues on the planet. Air contamination is the serious issue on the planet. In present day life, a retreat arrangement of vitality is expected to run the production lines of mechanical countries. Cars, prepares, and planes, are methods of our day by day transportation that additionally utilizes vitality simultaneously they consume energizes, produce squanders, and some of which stay noticeable all around. Vehicles have made the air unfortunate for individuals to inhale and noxious gas is emitted by production lines and causes air contamination. I read a bit of news as of late. It said that in Japan, numerous representatives are offering natural air to clients, and now it is turning out to be increasingly well known. Why? Outside air is getting less and less in Japan and around the globe. We will compose a custom paper test on Causes of Environmental Problems explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom article test on Causes of Environmental Problems explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom article test on Causes of Environmental Problems explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Much the same as the air, water is additionally a wellspring of life. Water contamination has likewise become a major issue on the planet. Individuals cannot live without water. A portion of our manufacturing plants are dirtying the waters. Streams everywhere throughout the world are getting contaminated with trash and risky synthetic compounds. Ships likewise add to the issue since they depend on streams for discarding squanders. Oil and different synthetic concoctions can slaughter fish and make water dangerous for drinking. Many fish are biting the dust. An ever increasing number of amphibian living beings are vanishing from the world. Some contaminated waters are in any event, harming individuals. Additionally, trees on the slopes have been chopped down; so squander water is being emptied constantly into waterways. All in all, air contamination and water contamination are become major issues on the planet. We should discover an answer for these issues. I think the administrations of all nations should plan rules and guidelines to manage the contamination issues. The individuals ought to be progressively mindful of the ecological issues and be increasingly upright about thinking about the earth. I trust the difficult will be unraveled soon and our lives will turn out to be better and better.

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British Constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

English Constitution - Essay Example The Blacks Law Dictionary is especially intricate giving the points of interest of a constitution. As indicated by the Blacks Law Dictionary, meaning of constitution the British constitution applies to this definition to some littler degree. Most countries have composed constitutions, for example, constitutions of most present day popular governments. The constitution of Britain, on the other hand, is unwritten or uncodified. Its conventions are casual and dependent on a few unique laws. In contrast to different majority rules systems, Britain has no official record that clarifies the administration of the country. The absence of a composed archive connects to the British history. England never encountered a transformation like different nations, and never had any system change. Along these lines, their constitution kept on advancing for so long and this joined with the general security of Britain, improvement of a constitution never happened. Specialists relating to constitution as a rule allude to a few laws, bargains and shows, which they accumulate to make up a constitution. T he few accumulations that make up a constitution incorporate Acts of Parliament, Treaties, shows, Royal right, works of power, European Union law and the Common law. Their constitution is by measures less vote based, not clear and not responsible enough to oversee a nation in the cutting edge majority rule world (KING, 2009). Not at all like constitutions of most popular governments that direct conveyance of capacity to different organs, in Britain such force lives in the arms of the crown. Force that is boundless and untouchable gets from the crown where the sovereign activities some of it and the greater part of it by the legislature. The sovereign activities four established forces. These are just restricted to her, and no one can practice them for the benefit of her. They incorporate the ability to picked and select the nations leader, the ability to break down a sitting parliament, excusal of government and the ability to retain illustrious consent to enactment

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Tech Tips To Improve Your Sales Department

Tech Tips To Improve Your Sales Department Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Tech Tips To Improve Your Sales DepartmentUpdated On 21/08/2018Author : Pradeep KumarTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogIf you want to improve your sales department then you need to analyse your team first. It’s vital that sales teams are designed to be as effective and efficient as possible. In this high-tech age, some solutions can be integrated into existing sales departments to improve their productivity levels and enhance the customer’s experience. More advanced phone systems and data handling methods can make a substantial difference to how your teams operate and improve performance across the organization.Improve Your Sales Department1. An effective sales teamThe fundamental principles of an effective sales team havent altered over the years, but the use of technology can make these easier to achieve. The focus for all sales based businesses is to generate more leads and close more. However, companies that do not keep their team up to date can slow this process down. Basic administrative tasks, including inputting data, are a necessary part of a sales role. This one area can be enhanced by the use of better technology.A large number of sales people spend a substantial amount of their time out of the office seeing customers. Being away from the main network can reduce their efficiency because they don’t always have the right information to hand. However, the growth of mobile technology and better network access means that they can view real-time data and keep on top of their admin wherever they are.2. Enhanced communications and data collectionCommunication and data collection are both important aspects of a sales force, and the processes can be made simpler and smoother with the use of new technology. This can be as straightforward as ensuring all your team has one of the latest smartph ones or tablets. These can be used to carry out a range of tasks, from keeping on top of calls and emails to accessing client information and managing data.READ5 Ways Audio Conferencing Benefits Any BusinessCRM apps can significantly enhance the efficiency of a sales team, by enabling them to access up to the minute data in any location. This allows them to offer accurate pricing to customers and means managers can track progress at any point in the day. There are also more up to date telephone networks that can vastly improve sales departments. These systems, such as the hosted IP PBX system offered by Primus of which can be found on their site, uses cloud-based technology to keep your business connected. They enable all parts of the business to communicate with each other wherever they are located, including remote workers and regional offices, through a high quality and cost effective network.Sales automation software can also reduce th e need to catch up on administrative tasks, which slows down the system. Contracts and other relevant documents can be signed electronically through online systems and then sent to the appropriate department straightaway. This will speed up the sales process, enabling customers to receive their orders sooner.With all new technology, it’s important that you assess the requirements of your business and choose tools that have a positive impact on your processes. Technology can only be useful if you adopt the right systems: otherwise, it can be more of a hindrance.

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Living Policy And Literature Aging - 939 Words

Question 1 Aging in place is a concept that is frequently referred to in assisted living policy and literature. Aging in place is define as â€Å"enabling older adults to remain in their current or preferred environment, with necessary adaptations and support services, to the end of their lives (Singh, 2016). Facilities accommodating residents under this concept are: Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) mostly owned and operated by nonprofit organizations. It consists of different levels of services are in separate buildings, but in one location. â€Å"The range of services is based on the concept of aging in place, which accommodates the changing needs of older adults while living in familiar surroundings.† (Singh, 2016 p. 516). The services include: housing, health care, social services, and health and wellness programs. Resident are encouraged an independence lifestyle but assistance and nursing care are available when needed. Singh, 2016). CCRCs are planned comm unities which allow residents to age in place. Sherwood et al., (1997) noted, as part of a long-term contract with the resident, usually for life, the CCRC provides the resident with housing, amenities and a range of services, including supportive services and, when necessary, nursing home care (as cited in Wilson, 2011). Having access to nursing home care along with a commitment to reside in the community distinguishes CCRCs fromShow MoreRelatedThe Prevalence Of Hiv / Aids1532 Words   |  7 Pageshuman immunodeficiency virus infection/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are living longer lives and changing the perception of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. There has been extensive research conducted on high risk groups for HIV/AIDS but little has been done to research and address the social aspect of aging and HIV/AIDS. It is important to have a more conclusive understanding of HIV/AIDS in the aging population due to the climbing rate of new infection among older American adults aged 50 andRead MoreEvolution of Programs and Services for Aging Populations Over the Last Fifty Years864 Words   |  4 PagesEvolution of Programs and Services for Aging Populations Over the Last Fifty Years The objective of this study is to examine the evolution of programs and services for aging population over the last fifty years. Toward this end, this brief study will conduct a review of literature that addresses these shifts and changes in policy. The timeline of the history of the services and pogroms for the aging population in the United States is shown in the following timeline and an explanation for these developsRead MoreIncreasing Caregiver Support Service Access And Use Among Chinese Americans1298 Words   |  6 PagesChinese-Americans I. Introduction The policy that will be analyzed is the federal Older American Act Title III-E, which was approved by the Congress in 2000. It regulates National Family Caregiver Support Programs (NFCSP), a categorical non-income-tested program, aiming to provide direct services to informal family caregivers. Under the federal administration from AoA, the NFCSP is carried out through a network of 56 State Units on Aging (SUAs), 655 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and local public or privateRead MoreElderly Senior Population779 Words   |  4 PagesHealth care services and their costs are explicitly important for this population (Rice Fineman, 2004) because the elderly use considerably more health and medical services than the general population due to the increased health risks associated with aging (Kronenfeld, 2004). Additionally, the Baby Boomer generation has a greater potential for poorer health outcomes compared to previous generations, given their higher rates of obesity and the growth in the proportion of racial and ethnic minorities andRead MoreFood Insecurity Among The Aging Population765 Words   |  4 Pagesinsecurity among the aging population. In 2012 15.3% of the aging faced a threat of food insecurity. Further from 2001 to 2012 there was a 44% increase in the aging population experiencing hunger (Ziliak Gundersen, 2013). In 2008 8.1% of households with an elderly individual living in the residence were food insecure, and 8.8% of the elderly living alone were food insecure (Coleman-Jenson, Nord, Andrews, Carlson, 2009). After a dip in 2010 rates of food insecurity among the aging there was an increaseRead MoreSocial Justice : Elder Self Neglect930 Words   |  4 Pages(NCEA), by the year 2050, twenty percent of Americans will be age 65 or older (NEEDS PROPER CITATIONpara. 2). A major issue facing the aging adult is the prevalence of elder abuse and neglect. Of the many forms of elder abuse and neglect, MacLeod Douthit (2015) find Elder self-neglect (ESN) to be the most common and one that affects all demographics of the aging population in the United States (U.S.). While there is no active party in the harm of elders by self-neglect, society has a social responsibilityRead MoreAlzheimer s Disease : A Common Form Of Dementia1311 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose of this research is to help implement policies and practices, and possible funding, in order create art therapies in facilities. In order to improve the lives of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their caretakers. An analysis of the benefits of Art therapies on Alzheimer’s and dementia For the purpose of this research I am defining arts as a form of expressing ones creativity. This includes but is not limited to literature, performing arts, culinary arts, media arts,Read MoreOverview Of The LGBTQ Community914 Words   |  4 Pagesare increased isolation, stigma, and loss of cognitive functioning (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr Milford, 2016). In this essay I have chosen to write on this topic and conducted a literature search on EBSCOhost using the search terms ‘LGBTQ’ and ‘aging.’ The following is based on the article, â€Å"Innovative approaches addressing aging and mental health needs in LGBTQ communities† (Hoy-Ellis, Ator, Kerr Milford, 2016). Summary of Findings As individuals, we all face some of the same health issues, but accordingRead MoreCritical Review On Improving The Quality Of Prescribing1497 Words   |  6 Pages Critical Literature Review: Approaches to improving the quality of prescribing in nursing homes Abstract The aging of the population has evoked a new care focus. The proportion of the world’s population aged 60 years and over is predicted to reach one in five by 2050. [-1] Consequently prescribing for older people will escalate accordingly. Prescribing for older people is challenging due to complex medicine regimens and comorbidities. Evidence suggests that suboptimal prescribing still exists. UnnecessaryRead MoreThe Depression Of Older Adult Depression1667 Words   |  7 Pagesolder adults is increasing so are those living with depression; therefore, it is important that perceptions around older adult depression be studied. According to the study done by the US Department of Commerce, it is estimated that the older adult population will more than likely double by 2050 and of 80 million and many as 1 in 5 Americans would be considered as an older adult (US Department of Commerce, 1995). There are many losses that accompany the aging process. These include the loss of loved

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Cyber Espionage - 3202 Words

ABSTRACT The aim of this report is to examine the topic of cyber espionage. Incidents and threats of espionage committed using software tools have become frequent headlines in news stories in recent years, thus the existence of cyber espionage is undeniable. This report begins with an introduction of the topic, followed by a literature review. Moving on, two case studies specifically involving the use of Trojans and sniffers to commit espionage will be discussed. The scope of these case studies includes the attack mechanisms used and the countermeasures that could plausibly be adopted, as well as a discussion of each case. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Cyber espionage is the use of software tools to obtain secret or private information†¦show more content†¦An attacker can run malicious commands on an infected system to delete important files from the victim system, or format the entire disk. Attackers can also infect systems with a Trojan and use it to attack another pre-defined third party sy stem. Some Trojans have inbuilt keylogging capabilities to record keystrokes made by the victim on the infected system. These Trojans can be configured to automatically covertly email the log file containing the recorded keystrokes to a pre-defined email address. It is further possible to configure an autodestruct feature in the Trojan, so that it automatically gets destroyed at a pre-specified date, and hence leaves few traces behind. Such Trojans are capable of: - Stealing the contents of sensitive emails and documents - Recording passwords, credit card numbers, account information etc. - Stealing software programming code 2.3.2 Sniffers Sniffers are recording softwares that record and store data packets being sent across a network. Typically, sniffers can be used to capture, interpret and store data packets being sent across the network. These captured data packets can be studied and analyzed to understand solve network problems and keep track of network traffic. In espionage, sniffers are used to capture sensitive data being sent across the target network. Common espionage threats associated with sniffers include: - Passwords, bank accountShow MoreRelatedSecurity And Privacy : Cyber Espionage2380 Words   |  10 Pagesare their another strengths. 3.0 HACKERS AND THEIR MOTIVES: †¢ who is Attacking? ï‚ § Cyber Espionage ï‚ § Industrial Espionage ï‚ § Malicious Insider ï‚ § Cyber Criminals ï‚ § Personal Attacks †¢ Where are they from? Cyber Espionage are generally who targets on national and international spying to steal bank s sensitive information, They could be someone intentionally hired by government or organizations. Industrial Espionage were who target s on competitive companies, They could be hired by organization. MaliciousRead MoreCyber Espionage3573 Words   |  15 PagesCyber espionage:- Definition:- Cyber espionage (also spelled cyber espionage) â€Å" | involves the unauthorized probing to test a target computer’s configuration or evaluate its system defenses, or the unauthorized viewing and copying of data files. | † | â€Å" | uses computer or related systems to collect intelligence or enable certain operations, whether in cyberspace or the real world. | † | Cyber spying, or  cyber  espionage, is the act or practice of obtaining secrets without the permission ofRead MoreCyber Espionage4042 Words   |  17 PagesCyber Espionage In India Cyber espionage is an area that has recently attracted the attentions of Indian government and corporate houses alike. Both Indian government and corporate houses are the biggest loosers from cyber espionage. Sensitive information on national security and trade secrets and commercial information has been occasionally stolen through cyber espionage in India. India has been a victim of cyber espionage on many occasions where crackers operating in foreign jurisdictionsRead MoreCyber Espionage And Cyber Terrorism987 Words   |  4 Pagesthat 90% of companies worldwide admits on having being unprepared to protect themselves from any type of cyber-attacks. Large corporations like Target and Hope Depot has been target cyber security breach. That compromise thousands of employees and customers confidential information such as the social security number and credit cards accounts. But some small business weren’t so lucky, as cyber criminals took control of their entire network and completely destroying the whole company. Cybercrime willRead MoreCyber Espionage Attacks And Cyber Attacks1662 Words   |  7 PagesCyber Espionage Attacks This kind of attacks differ from other types of cyber-attacks as they have a different source from where the actual attack comes from, which is mainly from within the organization that is being attacked. It may be the most difficult type of attack in which organizations are able to defend themselves from, for example if the attack is emanating from an individual that holds a high rank within the company. Taking an example of the United States where the government has a processRead MoreCyber Espionage In China Essay767 Words   |  4 Pagesagencies were specifically targeted for cyber espionage. On July 9, 2013, Larry Wortzel, a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission testified before the House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation. He revealed the following assessment of China’s cyber activities against the United States. China is using its advanced cyber capabilities to conduct large-scale cyber espionage. China to date has compromised a rangeRead MoreEssay On Cyber Espionage In China750 Words   |  3 PagesChina concerning economic espionage has been viewed with both optimism and skepticism. It’s the first agreement of any substance on the issue, which is a hopeful sign. China doesn’t enjoy a reputation of carefully adhering to international agreements and there is doubt about whether the agreement will have any practical effect on China’s behavior. Since the early 2000s, cyber espionage issues have increasingly strained U.S.-China relations. All countries engage in espionage, but China is one of theRead MoreWhy Chinas Cyber Espionage Is A Threat1822 Words   |  8 Pages Why China’s Cyber Espionage is a Threat Cyber espionage is the act of attempting to penetrate an adversarial system for the purposes of extracting sensitive or protected data of either social or technical in nature. They are illicit activities that range from the commercial and economic to the political and strategic. They include small nuisance attacks to matters of high magnitude and importance like the national security and intelligence (Cornish 2012). Chinese cyber espionage has continued toRead MoreIs Huawei A Bad Reputation For Cyber Espionage? Essay700 Words   |  3 Pages3com led to Huawei not landing any major US contracts. This seems to be having a small domino effect in other countries also, examples being UK government offices scrapping all Huawei video intercom devices and even going so far as to review a UK cyber security centre run by Huawei, also, India’s state owned BSNL dropping Huawei from it’s suppliers after being advised by India’s own intelligence bureau, stating that Huawei ca n not be trusted with it’s sensitive telecom expansion. Similarly, AustralianRead MoreProblems with Ethiopia’s Unofficial Cyber Espionage Essay1038 Words   |  5 PagesEthiopia advanced in cyber espionage against its citizen’s. Innocent journalist from local and from other countries are being tortured, killed and imprisoned for speaking their opinions to the world. Ethiopia’s unofficial cyber espionage program targets innocent journalists and violates the United Nations-The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Article 19 Freedom of Expression. The purpose of this paper will address problems with Ethiopia’s unofficial cyber espionage and evaluate the

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Negative Effects of Classism - 803 Words

Negative Effects Of Classism Have you ever been judged by the way you look or act? How about just for your income? Social classes have existed for many centuries, whether you are rich or poor, there has always been a large group of people who share a similar economic and/or social position. In society, citizens are put into classes based upon their income, wealth, property ownership, and job status. When citizens are put into a â€Å"class† whether it is high or low, it affects their way of life. For example; when the working class feels like they’re not good enough, it might be because someone in the higher class is acting ignorant or superior towards the lower class. When citizens are not treated equally due to their social status, this is†¦show more content†¦The middle class is a set of workers who are quite educated, wise, and overall more successful than the working class. The middle class is considered the average or the suitable of the three main classes, mostly because they make a much higher salary than the working class but not enough to be considered the higher class. The middle class is the majority of people in the United States. Occasionally the middle class consider thoughts and assumptions that the sociability of this country towards them are true which leads them to believe it and as well as act it out towards others. The reimbursements or the â€Å"benefits† of being in the middle class provide access to health care benefits such as Medicare or medicate, a home that’s stable enough to live in, a great secure job, as well as retirement security for the seniors of this class and most importantly many chances of a good education which comprises a college education as well. Since million of the households in this country are in the middle class, it’s hard to discriminate or judge against a class where a majority of the United States citizens in are in or close too. The â€Å"higher class† in America consists of people who have mostly inherited their money. Historically in some cultures, members of an upper class often did not have to work for a living, as they were supported by earned or inherited investments. The main distinguishing feature of upper classShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Media On Classism1484 Words   |  6 PagesBrittany A Brooks The Effect of Media on Classism University of Central Missouri â€Æ' The Effect of Media on Classism Class and the Media The United States was built on the concept of the American dream. The idea that anyone can achieve success if they just work hard enough and are determined enough is very lucrative. Unfortunately the American dream is not as obtainable as many think. 65% of children raised in the bottom fifth income bracket will remain in the bottom two brackets (Adams, et al., 2013Read MoreClassism in North America1216 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Classism in North America    Classism is a big dilemma in several parts of the world such as North America. The word  Classism  was derived from  Class  and  -ism; the word  Class  descended from a French word, Classe, and a Latin word Classis. The word was originally created by Servius Tullius in one of the six orders into which he used to divide the Roman people for the purpose of taxation. Those words together make the word Classism which means a biased or discriminatory attitude based on distinctionsRead MoreMy Early Experiences With Trauma1298 Words   |  6 Pagescaused me to have improper reactions of calling people out on their statement, which usually came out with the same surprising response. I feel that most people who use microaggressions are unaware that they engage in racial communications that are negative or derogatory insults to people of color. Microaggressions are the current forms of discrimination that are more subtle than direct, and I’m stunned that only when I called people out on their words were they unconsciously discriminating. While theseRead MoreInternalized Oppression Reflection1141 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom. Classism affects a huge amount of our population, â€Å"... approximately 10 percent of the U.S. Population owned 70 percent of all American wealth (such as savings, home equity, consumer goods, stocks, bonds, and real estate) by 2001 (Collings amp; Yeskel, 2005), this wide ranging oppression also manifests itself more harshly in combination when it intersects with other identities. Confronting classism, is something that seems almost impossible but dealing with my own internalized classism may beRead MoreThe Subjugation Of The African American Race879 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Race: Living in Poverty/ Health Effects In America, it is to no surprise that a large percentage of the African American race has and still is struggling financially. Many African-Americans are subjected to live in poorer areas where sanitation isn’t as heavily emphasized compared to more prosperous neighborhoods. Due to this blatant divide there has been many detrimental effects this has to minority communities. In specificallyRead MorePoverty and Classism752 Words   |  4 Pagesevery year that 14.5 American children continue to live in poverty (Koppelman and Goodhart, 2007). Sadly the seriousness of poverty is still often clouded by myths and misunderstandings by society at large. This essay studies the issue of poverty and classism in todays society. Causes of Poverty One of the main causes of poverty is the lack of education. The U.S. education system denies students in poverty the opportunities and access it affords to most other students. Without good educationRead MoreRacism In The Great Gatsby Analysis985 Words   |  4 PagesJazz and The Great Gatsby: Racism vs. Classism F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of The Great Gatsby, and Toni Morrison, author of Jazz, both write about America in the roaring 20’s, but the viewpoint from which both stories are told are completely different. Jazz embodies the story of a love affair gone wrong. Although it was very dense reading, the book goes back and forth from flashbacks and to the current time to show all of the interpersonal connections between the multitude of characters. The GreatRead MorePoverty Is A Growing Problem Around The World With Millions Of People1267 Words   |  6 Pagesare rentals (or tenant housings), and seven percent of residents live in derelict housing (Social Planning Research Council, 2012). This abundance of poverty is structurally maintained through the results of capitalism, the existence of classism, and the effects of oppression. Hamilton is one of the most highly industrialized cities in Canada, with the vast majority of Hamiltonians working as wage laborers. The purpose of capitalism is to create wealth, yet the system that is used to ensure thisRead MoreIncreasing the Average Life Expectancy Essay1497 Words   |  6 Pageslegal, and ethical issues. In this paper I will talk about two forms of life extending technology that are currently available, the social, legal, and ethical issues involving life extending technology, why I believe life extending technology is a negative right, and why I believe that medical scientists’ should continue researching life extending technology. Currently medical scientists’ do not know the secrets of aging. However, there are a few ways that they have discovered could help you maintainRead MoreReflective Reflection On Diversity1028 Words   |  5 PagesAn additional goal I would like to implement, is to be an advocate of accessing high-quality early childhood education for diverse children, such as to prepare them for school readiness. The four â€Å"isms â€Å" I chose for scenarios are racism, ageism, classism and sexism: (1) Racism-Linda Davis, who is a white first teacher, asked the children to draw a Santa Clause on paper. When the only black student asked her could he color his face, she told him he could not. She stated that Santa’s face should be

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Education The Sunshine of Human Race

Question: Write essay on "what would you say to someone who thinks education doesn't matter,or that college is a waste of time and money". Answer: Education: The sunshine of human race Education is the system of creating cultures and values in human race and when we talk about education, it does not only count for tangible experience of knowledge books but also values the intangible experience of life.The best lines on education states its importance in strong words The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.(Sydney) In simple words, education prepares an individual to see beyond the insights of life. Someone who have thoughts like education is a waste, either do not fully understand the fruitfulness of education or lacks enlightenment to create better lifestyle. Preparation and development of aspects and prospects in an individual starts with consistent belief in education pedagogy. From being a toddler to professional, though the journey is longer but it develops a strong future when followed with discipline and hard work. Without education, it is nearly impossible to walk with exoteric, open and liberal system of society. Education can never be wastage of time and money because it is the only investment that have definite returns of bright future and change-oriented life. The work life today have growing challenges and to tackle such stiff competition, there arises need for specific skills and abilities. Only education can fill the gap to develop need based skills and make the industrial growth better.We cannot think of modernized society without the base of education. (Puja). To conclude, the world needs better people and environment and trust on education is must to ensure survival. References: Harris, S. (n.d), Educationquotes, In brainyquote ,Retrieved July 13, 2016 from Mondal, P. (n.d), Essay on education, Inyourarticlelibrary,Retrieved July 13, 2016 from